The Truth About Commercial Pet Food


nowing the truth and being informed about what you are feeding your best friend is crucial. Be sure to check out these essential truths …

Truth 1

Did you know that the grains, chemicals, and byproducts in commercial pet food are killing your pet?

Grains, chemicals and byproducts in pet food are the substances that cause cancers, food allergies, sensitive stomachs, ear infections, oozing warts, excessive shedding, hot spots, dark colored splotches on the skin, lesions, skin that smells like bacteria, and cysts just to name a few.

Truth 2

Did you know that your pet has an 10 to 12-hour digestive system?

Indeed, your pet has an 8 to 10-hour digestive system, but dry pet food takes about 25 to 30 hours to be processed. This results in large amounts of pain and discomfort in your pet’s body. This is equivalent to you eating a meal that remains in your body for the next 3 days before eliminating it. By the end of that period you are not going to be feeling so well.

Truth 3

Did you know there are no living proteins, vitamins and minerals, enzymes and essential bacteria in manufactured pet food?

Living proteins, vitamins and minerals, enzymes and essential bacteria are all required in a pet’s diet for them to maintain great health and growth development. Raw meat, bones and marrow contain the essential nutrients, bacteria and enzymes your pet needs to stay strong and healthy.

Truth 4

Did you know there is no calcium in commercial pet food?

In truth, the five calcium ingredients listed on pet food ingredient lists are actually food binders, mold inhibitors and rock minerals. This is why a dog’s bone structure and joints are compromised when eating falsified food substances, resulting in what the veterinarian community refers to as an “epidemic.” Dogs are being diagnosed with hip dysphasia, joint problems, muscle problems mild to severe arthritis, brittle and weak nails and brittle or rotten teeth at alarming rates. It’s time for a change.

Truth 5

Did you know that dry pet food is the cause of bloat?

Bloat occurs when the stomach twists inside the stomach cavity cutting off blood circulation and digestion. Normally the volume and weight of what a pet eats should start decreasing immediately. This does not happen with dry pet food. Instead the dry pet food increases in size and volume over a 25 to 30-hour period. As a result of the constant increase in volume and weight of the dry pet food during the pet’s active period, the stomach will contort from the force of this unwholesome activity instead of remaining secure and in place. This condition then can often be remedied through expensive surgery if caught early, but often results in death.

Truth 6

Did you know that commercial pet food is the cause of swollen anal glands that become impacted and infected?

All dogs and cats have anal glands. The purpose of anal glands is to lubricate the anus as the hard, compact feces produced by a raw meat diet exits. Pet food produces feces that is much softer and loose. Because pet food produces soft and loose feces, the glands do not get expressed. This causes the glands to overfill, clog and become impacted and infected.

Truth 7

Did you know that there is no government agency regulating what goes into pet food?

There are no laws or governing agencies overseeing or controlling what pet food manufactures can or cannot put into pet food. It’s an unregulated industry. The FDA and the health department do not regulate what goes into your pet’s food, and therefore your pet is at risk, unless you know the truth! With these facts, you are empowered to make the best decisions for your pet’s health and happiness.