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Founder of Monarch Raw Pet Food on KGX Real Talk 99.1 FM with John Slone

Many people have heard the Founder and Owner of Monarch Raw Pet Food, Benjamin Davis, talk about pet food at their local Certified Organic Farmers Markets and have stood back in amazement. The information he delivers about dog and cat nutrition is profound, eye opening, and outrageously logical.

His message is simple, dogs and cats are carnivores. Carnivores are a food specific species. That means they can thrive on a diet consisting of only raw meat, organ, fat, skin and bone. Anything they eat that does not come off of the body of a dead animal is toxic to their body.

Now, Monarch Raw Pet Food is taking this information to the public at large. On his first public appearance on KGX Real Talk 99.1 FM, Ben shares his knowledge about dog and cat nutrition with John Slone, a concerned and caring dog owner of three.

They discuss:

  • Ben’s background and education
  • The emergence of the raw meat diet
  • Decrease in lifespan of dogs and cats
  • Allergies and toxification
  • Cancer, liver failure, kidney failure
  • Kibble and carbohydrates
  • Biologically correct nutrition
  • The pet food industry as a whole

  • Chemicals, additives, & preservatives
  • Raw pet food vs. raw meat pet food
  • Product availability
  • Health and Longevity of dogs and cats
  • Rickets, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies
  • Carnivore digestive systems
  • An extinction level event
  • And more… all in 12 minutes!

Enjoy, like, share, subscribe and look forward to the next information blast from Monarch Raw Pet Food, coming soon.

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