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Your pet will love our ground, raw poultry food. Just like humans, your pet requires living proteins, vitamins and minerals to live a long and healthy lifestyle – which they can only get from raw meat, bone, and bone marrow. This diet mimics the diet designed in nature for carnivores.

Net Weight: 1 lb. per unit

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Range Free Poultry muscle meat, organ, skin, fat, & bone. 100% animal product.

Feeding Instructions

Adults: As a rule, according to approximate pet weight, you want to feed 1 lb. of raw meat and bone for every 50 lbs. of your pet. Adjust according to your pet’s body weight. If you see them gaining or losing weight just cut back or add in 1/8 lb. increments until you reach the desired results.

Kittens/Puppies: Young pets can begin a raw meat diet as early as 4 weeks old or as soon as they are weaned from mother’s milk. Since kittens/puppies are growing, they require twice as much raw meat diet for their body weight than an adult requires, for the first six months of life.