Little less than a year ago, my grand daughter introduced me to Monarch foods… Since then his energy is different, his personality is different and I’m so happy I made the change. Watch my testimonial!

Carol Randolf – Coachella Valley, CA

We have been feeding our dog Mazzers raw pet food for about a year now and we have noticed such a difference in so many different way. We have noticed that her fur is so much softer and she doesn’t shed as much, she actually eats all of her food instead of leaving a little bit like she used to and… the clean up. Watch our testimonial!

Katie & Trent Teigens – Palm Desert, CA

After seeing the changes in both Luke and Leia, we agree that anyone who wants to give their dog a happy and healthy life, go with Monarch Raw Pet Food. Watch our testimonial!

Michael and Michelle – Aliso Viejo, CA

If you are thinking about going raw, go for it, it been totally one of the best things for our dog. Watch our testimonial!

Tawni + Patrick Adams – Thousand Palms, CA

The BEST dog food ever! I have 5 dogs and I can’t believe the difference in their energy & shininess of their coats! It’s truly amazing! One of my dogs is an English Bulldog and she had horrible allergies. Now that she is on the Monarch Raw Pet Food, her allergies have basically disappeared. I would NEVER go back to process dog food again. 

Lori Swift – Cathedral City, CA

Thank you so much Ben for the Monarch Raw Pet Food for our Pointer (Jessie). The raw food diet has kept Jessie in great shape. She is healthy, and she loves the food. We appreciate your guidance and advice regarding Jessie all these years!

Brett & Ann Wehn – Temecula, CA

We switched to the Monarch Raw Pet Food from a High-end Kibble about 5 months ago. We noticed a big difference in the energy level of our 7-year-old large dog, Sam. He also quickly shed a few of the extra pounds he had put on over the years. Great Product!!!

Ken & Kelicia T. – La Quinta, CA

We absolutely love Monarch Raw Pet Food for our dogs!!! Our Pug was a mess before we put her on this diet. She had severe allergies and we had her on Prednisone – Once she began the Raw Pet Food we were able to stop meds completely! She is like a puppy again. She plays with our German Shepard, Anneka & Kimberly our Pug is trim and super healthy at 14 years old.

Tom & Candace Brust – Palm Springs, CA

Wow, we cannot believe the difference in our dog Sugar! Even in just a week from changing her food to the Raw Pet Food – the difference in her coat alone was enough! She is so healthy looking!! Thank you for telling us about it and helping us to understand when we had so many questions!

Steven & Sherry Ann – Mountain Center, CA

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